Thursday, June 21, 2007

a bright sunshiney day

Grease is the word...

i didn't realise quite how grimy my baby was til i took her out in the rubber stamp company to show the rubber stamp man the jpeg image i want turned into a stamp for use on the door at the 'Monologues. good lord. this thing was once white. i am officially disgusted with myself.

i am not, however, disgusted with the rest of the world. my morning began with coffee with jayne and emma in which, as ever, much laughter ensued, before emma drove jayne to the airport for departure to take a 5 week massage training course in thailand. oh, she will be missed. last night we had a farewell dinner and watched ::Brick:: and willow came by to hang out and we had suitably girly chat for the occasion. "Men. What's with that?" is proving to be an oft used motto for 2007, which means either we are getting lots of quality SATC style analysis into our weeks, or we persist in being as bewitched, bothered and bewildered as ever. perhaps both.

and you can always depend on the kindness of strangers. got my hair cut today and some of the staff are going to come to the show and were brimming with enthusiasm. JL Morrison on Belmont Road: an amazing salon. i love them. as does my hair. and john the owner is in love with my hair, which in turn means i am lovin' my haircut. we discuss politics and social concerns and his art with the scissors while he does what is apparantly called "creative cutting" in the world of all things hair. whatever it's called, i bounced out of the salon.
and the rubber stamp man is giving us a discount for the cause. and returned to GI Jane to find her being admired by a friendly old man who collects models of vintage cars. he was sweet and smiley and i think just a little lonely. and so we chewed the fat in the sun about how they don't make cars like they used to.

listening to the ::set list:: version of god bless mom for the first time in a whiles. a desert island track for sure. at 3mins50secs in, i'm about as happy as i know how to be. until we hit 4:15. and by 4:44 i'm rockin' like it's the last day on earth. if it's in your collection and you need an energy boost, then this is sure to give your soul a kick up the arse. and with that, as if by magic, zippy ben appears.

right. feather boas to collect, and lines to be rehearsed.

it's got mood, it's got meaning...


one of the pieces
(painted 2005, and bejewelled last weekend) going into the VaginArt exhibition with the accompanying blurb for the exhibition brochure....


Reclaim The Cunt # 1
Acrylic, bottle tops & jewels on canvas

' "Cunt" is the crusty, disgusting bottle in the city dump pile that is bejewelled underneath and has a beautiful genie inside.' ~ Inga Muscio

'What a long & blessed way from a hushed "down there".' ~ Gloria Steinem

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

almost there...

Are You Coming?

everything you need to know about the 'Monologues and VaginArt exhibition at that link...


interior madness

well loooooooooooooong time no write.
there are many things i could write about in these times of transition but i shall keep it easy n breezy for now til the tumultuous emotions of the past few weeks find their settling place... needless to say, a lot has been going on...

having a reprieve from the increasingly frenzied preparations for The Vagina Monologues, and recovering from shifting things up and down the stairs at the studio, (canvases and paints up, serving dishes and scrabble boards down), which was assisted by the unexpected arrival of the duke, who promptly carried a load or 4 up for me, i'm now sitting at common grounds, listening to the indigo girls, drinking a deelishus bowl of the usual. made today by zippy ben with typical expertise and an F on the top in cocoa powder. we play this little game, he and i. he puts a letter on my drinks and i have to guess what it stands for. i have no idea if anyone else gets to enjoy this parlour fun, but ours is an open relationship.

i guess i should have taken some fotos of my new dwelling by now. perhaps in the morning. i believe last time i wrote i intimated i was at the end of my tether and surrounded by boxes in transit. that is no longer the case. my bedroom, awaiting arrival of a bed, is home to quite a few cartons of miscellaneous junk but the rest of the place is shaping up rather well. the mcewen's 70s suite is quite frankly, amazing and couple that with jonny's painting above the fireplace has determined the palate. living/writing room is a rather harmonious blend of various wood tones and greens against a cream canvas, with splashes of vibrant red, pink and orange on a cushion here, a throw there. i is much pleased. it feels like a me space. by contrast, but no less me, the kitchen is a riot of reds, fushcia, cream, and some rather fabulous lush green pots and pans: all very 50s American retro meets Japanese kitsch, with a touch of 50s Parisian cafe thrown in for good measure. compact it may be but everything fits in. the bathroom is aquas, teal and and fawn. soft, light and with a pop art poster of lisa simpson for a touch of LB quirkiness. the hall is red tones, and features a collection of wonder woman postcards (DC comics covers and panels) now collected in a large frame. thanks to Padraig, my love for the postcards and the suggestion to create a piece of art work with them all. thanks to jonny and heidi for assistance in the arranging of same. until arrival of aforementioned bed i am holding off on touching the bedroom but it'll be a contrasting dramatic palette of white, black, soft pink and strong teal.
so, if you haven't noticed by now, LB's RL alter ego is something of an interiors freak. i decorate the way i dress - placing the frequently incongruent beside one another. let's call it eclectically individual. if nothing else, i am the antithesis of minimalist.

it'll be 3 weeks before i have broadband access in the apartment. until then postings will be erratic.

but, it's nice to be back at the keys. i must find this little haven more often...

be well. be good. be free. be loving. be loved.


Monday, June 04, 2007

if i could twitch my nose...

i'm in the middle of moving home. i am losing the will to live.

there are a million things to get through on the to-do list that is, so not helpfully, not on paper but in my frontal lobe, but somehow it'll all be worth it in the end.

i am not, however, too tired, to be gratitudinal for those folks who've been assisting me over the weekend.

roll call of thanks for help to date,
willow - for shifting books and helping me buy a bed and making sure i pause. in 5 weeks once it's delivered, please g-d, i will be waxing lyrical about the joy of a decent mattress.
chris - furniture moving in a monsoon of a downpour and smiling through it.
jayne - for much needed pep talks and texts and reminders to pause and eat, and for reminders that if i could 'bewitch' this, i'd not have the satisfaction of the process of turning an empty flat into a kickass one that's wall-to-wall ::me::
ricky - for marathon of flatpack bookshelf building and companionable singing along to some fave tunes while our hands went numb from excessive allen key usage
keli and stu - for leaving me their big car while on holiday.

in advance,
the mcewens - for 70's leather sofa and chairs
lynn - for the stuff currently residing in her attic with my name on it

thanks also to lynn, mo, chris and susan for stunning wine goblets, and to padraig, my love for the non stem alternatives for the nights when i'm fearing male authority. ;0)

soon we will be lounging and supping wine in the all new Caryfied (TM Chris) apartment.

til then, there is much to be done. and i need to eat. off to buy a fish supper before hitting what i hope will be the final run of stuff.

it will all kick serious ass in the end. it will. it will. it will.


in the meantime, occupy yourselves with
the geeks WILL inherit the earth. this online sitcom is proof. lovin' it. X-Philes will get a serious kick out of episode 8, Future Henry, in which the line, "i wanted to eat Scully!" has never been better uttered.