Monday, June 04, 2007

if i could twitch my nose...

i'm in the middle of moving home. i am losing the will to live.

there are a million things to get through on the to-do list that is, so not helpfully, not on paper but in my frontal lobe, but somehow it'll all be worth it in the end.

i am not, however, too tired, to be gratitudinal for those folks who've been assisting me over the weekend.

roll call of thanks for help to date,
willow - for shifting books and helping me buy a bed and making sure i pause. in 5 weeks once it's delivered, please g-d, i will be waxing lyrical about the joy of a decent mattress.
chris - furniture moving in a monsoon of a downpour and smiling through it.
jayne - for much needed pep talks and texts and reminders to pause and eat, and for reminders that if i could 'bewitch' this, i'd not have the satisfaction of the process of turning an empty flat into a kickass one that's wall-to-wall ::me::
ricky - for marathon of flatpack bookshelf building and companionable singing along to some fave tunes while our hands went numb from excessive allen key usage
keli and stu - for leaving me their big car while on holiday.

in advance,
the mcewens - for 70's leather sofa and chairs
lynn - for the stuff currently residing in her attic with my name on it

thanks also to lynn, mo, chris and susan for stunning wine goblets, and to padraig, my love for the non stem alternatives for the nights when i'm fearing male authority. ;0)

soon we will be lounging and supping wine in the all new Caryfied (TM Chris) apartment.

til then, there is much to be done. and i need to eat. off to buy a fish supper before hitting what i hope will be the final run of stuff.

it will all kick serious ass in the end. it will. it will. it will.


in the meantime, occupy yourselves with
the geeks WILL inherit the earth. this online sitcom is proof. lovin' it. X-Philes will get a serious kick out of episode 8, Future Henry, in which the line, "i wanted to eat Scully!" has never been better uttered.



  1. hey am sitting in hicksville west virginia .... and looking forward to the first pool party at your place .... maybe a little sex on the beach with some white russians just to get the party going

  2. am hoping the moving is going well and there is time to stand still inbetween...

  3. unlike the father there has been no sex on the beach for me.....

    hang in their sister