Wednesday, October 24, 2007

breath taken

thanks to cheryl for comment on the previous post. been awhiles since i let the fingers flow straight from the heart.
tonight *this* took *my* breath away... fell upon it by sheer chance. all i know is this guy was in Shortbus, was brought up southern baptist, lives in NY,NY, is gay, and is as beautiful as his voice, although you won't be able to tell on this 'video'...i'm off to buy him up on iTunes. exquisite stuff. this song broke me into little pieces like the most fragile of blessings always do...


  1. this is beautiful, thank you!

  2. hey. thanks so much for this. it is so long since i felt like, no matter how much 'time' i lack i had to urgently write something down, but there is a lyric here and something my personal sigmund said to me once that that has me all buzzing for it. i'm slightly spooked! it's great! thanks!