Wednesday, April 11, 2007

we see them as we are


may our stories pass from our tongues to yours...

pete says ikon is not private space. it's not being in bed with your lover. it's not being at home with your family. nor is it public space. it's not meeting someone on the street. it's social space. something in between space.

he may indeed be right. but sunday night saw 50 or so folks sitting on our beds, if not in them.

thus this week i am mostly doing laundry. my duvet, throws, blankets, cushion covers, pillow cases - all getting a good wash. the front room at the black box was turned into something akin to the floor of a beduin tent. a patchwork of colourful fabrics. candles candles everywhere. and chocolate chocolate chocolate.

it was somewhat overwhelming to be introducing the service and getting to utter the immortal, welcome to ikon. not the first time someone other than pete has said those words, although on those rare occasions he has been away. i believe this was the first time they were uttered by another voice while he was present. the first time pete has been at ikon as a guest and not a contributor.

there was a service called Christa a few years back in the menagerie which contained hints of the feel of this service. but this new space allowed to push it much further. sensuous, warm, intimate, folks asked to remove their shoes before entering the space. an unplugged night.

the womyn did an amazing job. all read beautifully, deb sang and palyed beautifully.
so, to jayne, kellie, willow, shirley, erin, deb, alyson and norah - thank you. you rock.

a selection of the stories and the liturgy are going to be posted at the ikon wiki site in the coming days.



oh this is good. oh this is very good. only got to see a few eps of season 1 when first aired.
i wore my miner's boots and a summer skirt last night in its honour. thinking it would be impossible to find anything worth following SFU, i've fallen in love with the '30's dust bowl chic of it all over again. gi' me that ol' time religion.

there is a parallel universe where i'm the management and this is what ikon looks like.

there's a saying in russia:
pray to god. but swim for shore.


for several years i have lamented, almost as much as the demise of walker's marmite crisps, the too short life of mcvities hobnob creams. anytime i'd go to buy a pack of biscuits i would think of them, and sigh, why oh why did they pull them off the shelves?
imagine then my delight that they have returned as if by the sheer power of my wishing.
tell colleagues, friends, relations, neighbours.
please buy them in copious quantities so that they will never leave me again.

and on that most trivial of notes, i better get on with my day...


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